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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dachshund or Dachs-Chicken?

We're in the process of moving our chickens into the oversized shed that was built on our property before we bought the house.  We thought about doing this before, but just never got around to it.  But when there started being a line out the coop door to "use" the only nesting box (there were 2, but they only liked one of them), and the girls were getting very vocal about it, we had to make the change.  We're hoping that, after insulating and such, the girls will be less audible in the morning in their new living quarters as well. 

Anyway, Joey built 2 new nesting boxes and put them high up on the shelf in the shed.  He built a little ladder for the girls to use to get up there.  But guess who else learned how to use it?

 Not sure what you're seeing?  Does that chicken have long ears?

Yup, that's Rocky, our Dachshund, cuddled up in the nesting box.  It took a LOT to get him out too!  In fact, I discovered him when I went to take clothes off the line, and went back inside, got my phone (for a camera) AND told Joey to come see, and came back and he was still there. 

Yeah, we're going to have to Dachshund proof the chicken coop- but not to keep him from eating them, but from being one of them!

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