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Friday, September 14, 2012

Thanks for hanging in there

I have so many thoughts to get out in this blog. Maybe in the next week or 2 you'll hear some, if not all of them.  I guess that depends... on everything!

You see, we're not in Colorado any more.  At least not for now, but maybe not for much longer at all?  I don't know!

God has answered our prayers for clarity regarding the future of our family.  We want to live in a more sustainable way, in a more sustainable place, but where is that and when should we go?

At the end of August, Joey had another interview for "the perfect job" for him- in Denver.  I gave it up to Jesus- if God wanted us in Denver, he'd get the job, which seemed in the hat.  If he didn't, he wouldn't. 

He didn't.  We have no idea why.  They never returned his calls or emails, which was, to say the least, frustrating.

And then friends who had been talking with us regarding our dreams for awhile, decided to move in the middle of September to a small town farm in Tryon, North Carolina.   Then, God pushed up their moving date to September 1st.  You can read about their journey here.  While we were helping them throw everything in a moving truck at the very last, last minute, we were feeling the tug...gentle at first, and then...

I was up late that night making sure they had plenty of food for their journey, and I was "trolling" on the craigslist jobs near where they were moving.  Sure enough, right there just an hour west of their new homestead, was the PERFECT job for Joey.  Short term, yes, but more perfect even than the other perfect jobs.  He applied.  And on Monday (labor day) the guy emailed and said "Hey, I want you, if you can come out!" 

We prayed about it, and finally decided that we would all go.  I have family in Virginia, just a few hours north, so we drove there first, and while the girls and I start to assimilate here on my parents' small homestead in the making, Joey is trying out North Carolina. 

Alright, so that's the short of it.  There's SO MUCH MORE going on in our lives, but the truth is, I feel that for the first time in a long time not only are things moving, and in a positive direction, but I FEEL the hand of God in everything that happens- down to the moment that my smart phone got run over by a tractor at the bottom of my parents' driveway.  Not that I have cell phone service here anyway!  God is detaching us from all these things and "conveniences" that we've been used to these last 5 years of living in the city, and preparing us for the next phase of our lives.  What it is, we're still not sure, but we KNOW that God is in control now. 

For those of you wondering what Joey is doing, it's super cool.  He's working with a tile maker in Brevard, North Carolina, remaking the 150 year old Spanish Street Tiles that line the French Quarter in New Orleans and were ruined and destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.  Here's an example of what he's remaking:
How cool is that!

So, please pray for us, specifically through the intercession of our Patron, St. Roch, who happens to also be the patron Saint of Tile makers.  In the next few weeks, we hope that God clears the way for us to know exactly where, and when, our little family will find a permanent home.

For those of you back in Denver who didn't know we were leaving until after we were gone (which is almost everybody since we left less than 48 hours after Joey was offered the job), we're sorry to be so incredibly spastic and hard to get a hold of!  Joey should be reachable on his cell phone, and yes, he actually is answering it these days.  I can be reached at my parents' house number, and you can get that number from Melissa N or you can email me or message me on Facebook.  Yes, I'm back on facebook, but only so i can get a hold of everyone now that I'm sort of off my normal planet!

That's all for now.  Perhaps I'll write more during the next nap time!

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