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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!

I've been a little out of touch the last week.  Sorry about that, but we've had quite a busy time!  Let's re-cap.

re-cap.  Here's one of the caps I've been working on to sell on our etsy store.  Beatrice is such a pretty model!

Friday, November 4th was Charlotte's 2nd birthday.

pancakes for breakfast at IHOP
We went out for pancakes with her grandparents and aunts and she had a blast!
Birthday Breakfast Balloon

Then, later that night, we went downtown for the opening of Joey's art show.  Again, another blast!

Joey's art on display- see more at our etsy shop

We helped run the show for the weekend, and then Joey started a new Co-op class.  We're also working on getting ready to drive out to visit my family in Virginia for Thanksgiving, so all that started.

some of the feast.
Then today, we had Charlotte's birthday party!  We had so much fun!  It was a Tea-Party theme and   Dyno-mom made fresh rye sourdough bread and we made cucumber sandwiches, tea cakes, veggies and fruit trays and some other delectables, along with tea, of course.  Charlotte had many of her good friends over, and she really had so much fun.  It was a lot of work, and maybe when I have a few more kids I'll look back and think I was crazy for putting something like this together, but it was worth it to see that smile on my beautiful little girl's face. 

Happy Birthday little one!
As I said earlier, we are planning to drive across the country to visit Grammie and Grampie in Virginia for Thanksgiving.  It will be so much fun!  We will be updating throughout the trip, but may be a little hard to get a hold of since my parents don't live


  1. Happy belated birthday to Charlotte!

  2. Wow! So much fun! That feast looked soooo good!