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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Importance of Eggs

Our house is in utter disarray. 

Our life seems that way too.

We got home from our long, cross country journey (were we crazy to drive for 3 days both ways with a 2 year old and a 5 month old?  you decide!) and we just haven't been normal since.  I don't have the laundry done, I don't have the house cleaned, I don't even have an inkling of what we're going to eat for the next month, except I do know it won't be a lot of meat.  We're almost out of meat, and I have to wait till January to buy a case of organic chicken at Costco, and who knows when we'll get anything else.  We had chard and spinach still in the garden- until it was covered by a foot of snow that doesn't want to melt.  I doubt it's still there.  *sigh*

And now, Charlotte has an invisible illness.  It started last night, when she took a late nap in the car on the way to strike Joey's show at the Knight's of Columbus hall.  When she woke up at the hall, she was beyond fussy.  Fussy?  No, she was nuts.  It was impossible to calm her down!  So we left early, and she kind of fell asleep in the car.  But only as long as I was singing.  She'd wake up enough when I stopped to whimper and say "again!"  We got her in bed, but she was up every hour and a half, hysterical.  I can't find anything wrong with her, she won't tell me what hurts, or if anything hurts, and the only thing she keeps asking for over and over again is her vitamins (the gummy kind that are basically her only form of candy, and she gets them every day, but only once, which is very hard to explain to a 2 year old, let alone a hysterical 2 year old!).  She was fussy and screaming and crying all day today as well, but no runny nose, no cough, no upset tummy (she ate good bone broth soup for lunch and loved it.  Probably the highlight of both of our days) no fever, nothing I can find is actually wrong with her.  She's just hysterically fussy.  She wouldn't nap today either, she just cried and screamed through exhausted eyes. 

Then, this evening, as I was frantically trying to put SOMETHING (anything, really) together for dinner with Bea on my hip, I hear a tiny toddler voice from the top of the stairs where she had been hanging out with Daddy:  "Mommy?" she said, "How 'bout pizza?"

HAHAHA!  She won't stop crying all day, barely eats breakfast, drinks broth for lunch, and now she's begging for pizza?

I quickly rush to my cabinet.  Nope, no flour, and my mill is still on loaner to the neighbor who's mill died.  But I do have coconut flour.  Hmm.... a little googling later, I find this recipe from the Healthy Home Economist.. I'm all ready to try it out.  I get out my mixer and my biggest mixing bowl, and clear a place on the counter.  No, I'm not Julia Child, or Martha Stewart.  I often don't have an inch of counter clear, especially on days like today.  Then I go to the ingredients list.

4 eggs.

No problem!  We always have eggs on Monday because we pick them up from our friend at church on Sunday!

Except his hens haven't been laying during the short days.

And I was supposed to go to the grocery to get eggs yesterday.

And this morning,

And during nap.

And none of those things happened.

Huh.  No eggs, no flour.  Oh, and no yogurt because I was JUST in the process of trying out the cool yogurt maker that my mill borrowing neighbor just passed on to me!  But it's not ready till tomorrow.

What do you do when you don't have a SINGLE item in the recipe, and not even most of the items in the replacement recipe for the food that your sick toddler is begging and begging and begging for while practically tripping you by following you around the house as you frantically attempt to make it for her?

You send Dad to the store.

Yup, we ate grocery store frozen pizza for dinner.  Charlotte was thrilled.  I was less than thrilled, but happy that she wasn't screaming and was actually eating.  Joey was a hero.  And Bea was as happy as a clam through the whole ordeal.  Go Bea!

Oh, and he did get eggs while he was at the store.

(this didn't start out as a sequel to my last post on chicken envy, but now that I think about it.....)

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  1. Oh my! Bless your heart. Good luck with getting back on schedule at home.