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Saturday, December 24, 2011

We Wish you a Merry Christmas!

 Special Delivery! 

 Beatrice the Reindeer says "Merry Christmas" from her "sleigh"

 She didn't know they were candy until one broke.  Then I had to put them all at the top of the tree to keep them out of reach.  Oh well.

 Little Drummer Boy?  No- Little Trumpet Girl!
 Except, she's sure this is the real way it works!
 Beatrice helping decorate the tree.
 After a long morning decorating our tree, what's better than a free back rub?  Hope you can get one of these this weekend after you spend all that time wrapping.
Our free tree, fully decorated (sans a vacuum and skirt- those were later in the day since Miss C is desperately afraid of vacuums).  Oh, and we're going green this year- no lights!  I'm loving it so much I may never do Christmas lights again!  It's so much simpler, and still so beautiful!  Oh, and the angel goes on top tonight, Christmas Eve.  If I can pry it out of Charlotte's baby doll collection. :)

And for the record- This is my favorite Christmas hymn ever.  My Dad used to sing this solo every Christmas at church and I have such fond memories of standing behind him in the choir listening to his beautiful tenor voice ringing out in the candle lit country church.  I wish you would sing it for me again, Dad!  That would be the best Christmas Present ever!  (*hint hint*)  But Joey shared this video with me last night and it blew me away- this girl is 11.  Yes, I said ELEVEN!  Oh, Holy NIGHT!


  1. Fun! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. You said I should come check your Blog and see that video. Funny enough, my mom bought me that little girl's CD months ago! She said it reminded her of me, which is both funny and generous to say the least! No one would ask me to at any tree lighting; but my mom, of course, thinks that no is better than me. Only just as good! LOL!

  3. Thanks Megan!

    And Melissa, you do sing beautifully- I'm sure you're mom's not incorrect! But that little girl blows me away!

    BTW, Dad, you still owe me... and having Handel in the background isn't an excuse anymore!

  4. My favorite memory of "Oh Holy Night," is not just when your dad sang with candles lit and daughters in the choir, but in earlier years when we would all sing it on our way home from Christmas Eve Service in the old buick, the buggy van, the aerostar (often without heat and in the snow). Even the poorest voices heartily participated as we cozily drove home.