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Friday, September 23, 2011

Making Milk Kefir- or am I?

I'm so incredibly frustrated! 

I purchased dehydrated dairy kefir grains from a website back in August and had absolutely no luck getting them anywhere. I tried putting them straight in the milk and in a reusable "brew bag".  I tried rinsing them, and I tried not rinsing them.  I've tried it with a lid on top and with cheese cloth on  top.  Nothing.  And then, as things were starting to look positive, I killed them.  Yup, I left them in the jar without milk overnight because my brain went on vacation.  Oops.

So, yesterday I spent 10 bucks.  I found a local person through Craigslist who was selling her extra grains.  I told her my woes, and she said it sounded like the grains never fully matured.  So I bought her fully matured grains, and was flabbergasted by how many there were!  I had maybe a teaspoons worth from the dehydrated grains, and she gave me practically a cup!  She assured me they would work- they always work for her!

So, I tried them last night, and- nope.  NO luck.  I'll try again tonight with cheese cloth instead of the lid, but I am getting frustrated!  And a little ticked off- I'm wasting all this good, expensive, raw milk on failure after failure.  But my husband LOVES kefir and would drink it by the gallon if he could.  But at $5 a liter in the store for whole milk non-sweetened organic (pasturized) kefir, we just can't afford it.  Especially this month of (supposed) non-spending.

So does anybody have any hints?  Any helpful solutions to my problems?  I'm at a loss here!  Please!


  1. I am buying my grains this weekend let's see how it I know what you mean with the pretty price tag on the kefir..My kids drink it by the gallon so I have better figure it

  2. I have no idea what Kefir even is! Hmph! No help, but interested in how it turns out.

  3. check out my new post with comments from my friend Logan on the matter of Kefir issues

  4. Very happy with my water kefir grains. Soon as I made my first batch they started growing and multiplying.
    Obviously healthy grains.