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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Plan it- Don't Panic

One thing I've been trying hard to do is keep a weekly meal plan, or at very least a day to day plan.  As our summer garden harvest has subsided, I've relied more and more on the farmer's market for our fresh fruits and veggies.  And that will be coming to an end here pretty soon itself.  And that means things are going to get a little more difficult!  So I'm going to team  up with a few other bloggers and moms and try to keep a successful weekly meal plan in Keeper of the Home's "Plan it- Don't Panic" 6 week meal planning challenge!  It starts on Monday (although she jumped the gun and started yesterday herself) and I will be posting here my weekly plan and how I did for the previous week on Monday nights.  So come see what we're having for dinner- and what we didn't- and maybe... JUST MAYBE... I'll actually get a recipe in?  One that doesn't turn into dog treats, that is.

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