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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Call for Entries: Words

As (I think) we've mentioned before, Britt and I have been participating in an ongoing monthly exhibition of Catholic art and Culture with a few local Catholic artists.

Thus far we have primarily relied on visual arts. Painters such as Gwyneth Holston, Justin Jensen and Mark Thomason have contributed gorgeous paintings of various styles and themes. Stunning photographs from Britt and Nichole Thomason have joined them on the walls.

In addition to images Erik Feltes has been showing some incredibly well crafted briar wood pipes, Clayton Deyapp has shown some of his hand-made jewelry and of course I have exhibited some of my ceramics as well.

We have even been blessed to have some live music including a marimba!

However, the goal is to continue to expand every month, and as such, February will be dedicated to including authors, artists and artisans of words in addition to those of us who create physical images and objects.

That being said we are putting forth a call for entries for any Catholic wordsmiths out there who would like to show with us. You need not be a resident of Denver or anywhere near we just need copies of your work.

You are invited to join us!  We will provide a venue for readings and book/manuscript signings and both are encouraged but not required. Content need not be Catholic but may not be offensive. Please contact us through this blog or Mark and Nichole Thomason at no later than January 31st, 2012 for more details. 

For those of you who are not ready to show with us, please come on by and support local Catholic Arts and Culture by attending the event.

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