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Monday, October 17, 2011

Giveaway Extended!

Ok- So we announced that we would select a winner on Saturday for our Toddler Cup Giveaway celebrating our 1500th reader mark.  But, since we only have 2 comments that qualify on that post, and that's not exactly a large enough number to make things random, we're going to extend the giveaway for 1 more week (until this coming Saturday the 22nd).  PLUS, if you post this giveaway on your FB, Blog, G+, LiveJournal, Twitter, or other crazy place on the net with a link to the original post (HERE), come back and tell me about it in separate posts for each time place you shared it and you can rack up your chance of winning! 

Just in case it isn't quite clear-
1 entry for your comment regarding how you'd use the cup OR how you currently keep your toddler satisfied in the kitchen without going into debt.
Leave another, separate comment for your Facebook link to our page, tweet, G+, etc (separate comments mean that you are entered each time you comment, not for each thing you did and posted about in a single comment)

Good Luck!


  1. I meant to comment last week. Oops. I'd use it as a toddler cup. I think it'd be super great!

  2. toddler cup as a toddler cup? phenomenologists everywhere just shed a quiet tear, heh.

  3. Don't have a toddler... I'd probably use it to hold spoons on my kitchen table so I don't have to walk back to the drawer (a whole 10 steps, I know, I know) every time I need a spoon.

    Miss you guys! HUGS and love! :)