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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Giveaway Results!

Thank you to everyone who commented on our blog and spread the word about our little experiments, recipes, crafts, and all around shenanigans here at Our Live Active Culture.

The official list of contestants was:

3. Holly and the dog
4. Holly K.
5. Nicole
6. Sarah
7. Sarah
8. Andi
9. Liz
10. Logan

Thanks to some inexplicable atmospheric math jargon and the good people at we were able to utilized the finest in impartial number picking:

The official winner of our 1500 pageview celebratory cup giveaway is: Liz.

Congratulations Liz, please put your color(s) preference in the comments of this post and email us your address. After glazing and firing, we will put your cup in the mail within a week of you getting back to us.

For everyone else who did not win, thank you for participating, and if you are terribly heartbroken about not receiving a cup you can always order one from me. In fact, as a consolation prize I will give you a special rate: small toddler cup: $5 (plus s/h) tumbler style cup: $10 (plus s/h).

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