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Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a day for a white wedding!

Today we went to Joey's cousin's Western Themed "fall" wedding.  And there was 4 inches of snow! Granted, this was up in the mountains a bit. The weather down on the plains was cold and rainy and spitting snow, though, so all my plans for wedding clothes went out the window and I didn't get to really finish mine.  BUT, I did get a make it in for today for you.  I'll finish it this week and take pictures, but I'm pretty proud of myself!

I have no clothes.  It's pretty dismal, and as cold weather approaches it is becoming more of a problem.  This happened as I've been either pregnant or giantly overweight for the last 2 and a half years, and now that I'm getting down to my pre-wedding weight, I don't have anything left that's not either maternity or 4 sizes too big.  Anyway, we went to goodwill on Friday and I found a cute dress.  2 problems, though.  First, it was too low cut for my taste, which is pretty modest, and also slighty tight in that region, which is probably because I'm nursing.  Second-I'm nursing.  And nursing and dresses don't go well together.  But I love dresses!  I'm not exceptionally fashion savvy, and dresses take all the guess work out of matching articals of clothing.  Plus, they're cute and comfy.

So I bought the dress, and last night, after the girls were in bed, I made it into a nursing dress!  I stripped the center seam and added a modesty/removable nursing panel, and it worked great!  Except I need to fix a few problems I discovered- mainly stronger snaps! (Thank goodness I had a sweater over it when that happened!)  So I'll fix it and post pictures.  But I'm Oh So excited to have something cute to wear to formal occasions while I'm nursing now!

Have a great Sunday and we'll see you Monday.  This week, we'll show you some of Joey's studio Make Its, and discuss frugal fall living and it's challenges, and I will be attempting to recreate a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte in my kitchen to curb all my cravings!  I love all things pumpkin spice!!

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