One young Catholic family on a Journey towards Intentional and Communal Sustainability. One Artist, one full time Mama and two babies, we'll tell you about all our successes, and failures, as we try to make it in our overly Consumeristic society on just the bare necessities.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Did Your Week Look Like?

A Bea in a Bear!  The weather finally turned cold around here

Charlotte in her new Elf Hat that I designed and crocheted for her for Make It Month

Little fingers meet "baby tatos"

Our last thriving crop.  I cut it back to only a few leaves before the snow, maybe it'll survive?

She's almost 2.  So Serious
And yet, so much fun!

It's never too early to read to the baby!  And that's an original Golden Book, so I'm pretty sure it's full of lead for her to chew on- should she choose to chew.

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