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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make It!- Attempting to Sew

As you can see, I have plenty of sewing supplies, 2 sewing machine even! (although 1 doesn't work except to make button holes right now).  I even have a 3rd beautiful old sewing machine that is currently a bedside table in the guest room because i need to get the belts replaced.
 Lots and lots of fabric to pick from.
 This is where i stashed my favorites, so they'd be in sight and would get used.  They're gathering dust.
 I bought this for curtains in Charlotte's room, but quickly decided I didn't like it for that purpose.  But this is my target fabric for my make it today.  I will make something with it!

 I scored this giant box of vintage patterns at an estate sale for $5.  There are some goodies in there, I'm sure, and i was hoping to find a cute little girls dress like on the fabric to make Charlotte and Beatrice matching dresses from.  I didn't find exactly what i was looking for, but look what i did find!

 Yeah, aren't those great?Look at those legs!  But this is during nap time, ans Bea kept waking up, until she finally looked like this. 
And this is why I didn't get to sew this afternoon.  Maybe after bedtime tonight?

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